National Stop Bullying Day

National Stop Bullying Day is coming up on October 14th – here are some ideas on how to bring awareness and compassion into your classroom using TinyTap! 


Ellen Weber‘s TinyTap game based on Maria Dismondy’s award-winning book The Juice Box Bully encourages students to take a proactive stand against bullying. The lesson includes a vocabulary soundboard, narrative elements exercises, plus an extension activity allowing students to share their own experiences with bullying.



Red Chair Press‘ dedicates two of their e-books to discussing bullying. Attack of the Bully Bug tells how the residents of Bugville use friendship and teamwork to stomp out the local bully.




In Ted’s Week, the Blue Jays bully Ted every morning, until his friends help him teach them that it’s not good to play tricks, make fun, or tease … finally allowing Ted to take his morning strolls in peace.




And finally, whether you are the bully, the victim, a bystander, or a parent, there is a message in Ellen Weber’s game Bully Proof.



Create your own lesson on bullying with TinyTap! 

Here are some ideas to jump-start your creations:

  • Share a recipe for Friendship Bread, incorporating a math and science lesson on baking measurements and temperatures.
  • Make a game about different cyber, verbal, and physical bullying scenarios and quiz students on the most appropriate course of action.
  • Have students work together to create a class pact forbidding bullying, written and recorded for posterity as a TinyTap game. You can then send the link to the students and their parents, reminding everyone of the shared contract.