Congratulations, Your App is on the App Store! Now Go Promote It!

It’s an amazing feeling to have your content published as an app, and more so a kids app that will be seen by millions on the App Store.  
But then comes the tricky part – getting people to notice it among the more than one million apps available on the App Store today.


We already love your game, but we want others to love it too!

So here are some simple marketing tips to help you get started.


First of all, think of 3 reasons why someone should get your app and start to build a strong marketing strategy around that.


  1. Get App Store Reviews: Ask your friends and family to give you good ratings and reviews on the App Store. They should look something like this:

    App Store Reviews


  2. Send emails: Think of people in your address book that may be interested in hearing about your app and start sending emails to let them know it’s out and it’s fabulous!


  3. Share your app: Write a great caption and choose the best screenshot for your app and post on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn and any other social accounts you have!



  4. Tell your story: Write a short and interesting article or blog post telling your story (e.g. ‘How an idea became a book, and then a book became an app’). See how a TinyTap Author wrote his.



  5. Make a video: Film someone playing your app, it’s most beautiful pages and their activities, screenshots, or how-to series and post them on social media video outlets like YouTube, Vine and Vimeo.



  6. DIY Advertising: Open your Google browser and type in ‘Google ad words’. Choose a budget you can afford and do some DIY advertising. It’s super simple!



  7. Pitch to relevant bloggers and sites: Pitch your app to relevant websites and blogs to get even more coverage! (if they ask for promo codes or giveaways, just ask TinyTap and we will happily send them over!). See how this major newspaper in Maryland covered a TinyTap Author’s game!



    Below is a list of top kids apps websites: 


  8. Use your website/blog: Promote your app on your website or blog so your readers won’t miss out! See an example of how a TinyTap author used hers!


  9. Watch out for bad reviews: Remember, criticism is always good, even if it’s bad. Keep an eye out for bad reviews and comments and try to learn where they’re coming from, contact the reviewer, try to turn it into positive criticism. And, of course, make sure the review doesn’t go public! Do damage control!



  10. Do SEO and Optimize: Do some research on App Store and web keywords that will make your app standout! For example, let’s say your app is about learning to bake a cake; search on the App Store for ‘cake apps’, ‘baking’, ‘cake recipes’, ‘sweets’, and any other related words you can think of. See the top results that come up and look at the keywords they used!


Have any questions or just looking for more tips? Get in touch with the TinyTap team!



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