Step Up Your Game: Tutorial of Easy Ways to Enhance Your TinyTap App

TinyTap Tutorial

When it comes to making an app with TinyTap, there are a few quick tricks that can take your creation to the next level. We’ve demonstrated some easy ways to step up your game, if you will, in a series of mini video tutorials. Take a look at these tips and go add that professional touch to your TinyTap masterpiece.   Set any picture as your background  Change the background of your text Remove white background from an image Flip … Read More

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Small Stature, BIG Imagination: 3 Kids to Follow on TinyTap

For us, it is truly exciting to see such a melange of cultures, ages, nationalities, and educational backgrounds converge and create on our app. So, we decided to highlight some of the youngest and most creative individuals of our inventive game designing community, the kids themselves.   Today, we take a look at three special creators, Emilie Melnyk, Makenzie Mathews, and Nada Alalawi. Stay tuned for our next post to meet more brilliant tiny minds!     Emilie Melynk Whether … Read More

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Congratulations, Your App is on the App Store! Now Go Promote It!

It’s an amazing feeling to have your content published as an app, and more so a kids app that will be seen by millions on the App Store.   But then comes the tricky part – getting people to notice it among the more than one million apps available on the App Store today.   We already love your game, but we want others to love it too! So here are some simple marketing tips to help you get started. … Read More

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