Small Stature, BIG Imagination: 3 Kids to Follow on TinyTap

For us, it is truly exciting to see such a melange of cultures, ages, nationalities, and educational backgrounds converge and create on our app. So, we decided to highlight some of the youngest and most creative individuals of our inventive game designing community, the kids themselves.


Today, we take a look at three special creators, Emilie Melnyk, Makenzie Mathews, and Nada Alalawi. Stay tuned for our next post to meet more brilliant tiny minds!



Emilie Melynk

Whether you want to help her pack for vacation, create a fruit salad, or learn about a variety of farm animals, Emilie is sure to have the game for you! One of our personal favorites is “Back to School.” In this game, Emilie takes the important event in many children’s lives of “returning to school” and describes the process in a delightful and relatable way. Via her sweet narration and creative breakdown of the day, Emilie can help other children prepare and be excited for school who may have originally been fearful of the occasion. Well done Emilie! We can’t wait to see your next creations.




Makenzie Mathews 

With her love for animals and fantastic imagination, Makenzie has designed games where you can help puppies get ready for school or even bathe a bunny rabbit! She also makes sure to reach out to her viewers by sharing her sources for images and keeping them apprised of her upcoming designs. Additionally, Makenzie has proven to be quite savvy in self-marketing. A few months ago she created a game about a design contest for other TinyTap members to partake in. The challenge was to create a garden themed game and it was even accompanied with the hash tag “#Mchallenge”! 




Nada Alalawi

One more young designer who has our attention and should have yours is 7 year old Nada. Nada has a wonderful flair for storytelling and sharing her variety of interests. She’s created an impressive variety of games that give you a wonderful window into her hobbies, personality, and nationality. We love her multiple stories that show her passion for anime and seek to instruct others in the art. We also applaud Nada for attempting to teach basic Arabic through one of her games. So keep your eye on Nada! No mountain is too high for this girl. She plans to write a 20 page story soon, that we’re sure will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!




These kids and many others are the essence of TinyTap, with their great passion for educating and creating. So, TinyTap creators everywhere, keep on creating! We look forward to every new day and the marvelous creations you’ll share with us!

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