Step Up Your Game: Tutorial of Easy Ways to Enhance Your TinyTap App

When it comes to making an app with TinyTap, there are a few quick tricks that can take your creation to the next level. We’ve demonstrated some easy ways to step up your game, if you will, in a series of mini video tutorials. Take a look at these tips and go add that professional touch to your TinyTap masterpiece.




Arranging Your Slides:


Set any picture as your background

Double tap on your image and set it as the background – it’s much

easier than stretching an image and making sure it covers all four corners.


Change the background of your text 

Make sure your font color, background color, and slide design

work together to make your text as legible as possible.


Remove white background from an image

Most of the time, it just looks better this way.


Flip an image

This quick tip allows you to arrange images exactly the way

you want them.


Undo and redo illustrations

Undo or redo illustrations with one simple tap to spare yourselves

the headache of re-creating from scratch.


Adding Activities:


Tap anywhere to continue

A nice clean way to start your game: read the cover page, and then

use this setting to have your player tap anywhere on the screen to proceed. 


Perfect hotspot tracing 

Give your lessons a professional finish with auto-correct tracing for perfect rectangles and circles.


Record an intro for your soundboard

Don’t forget to give your players some context. Record an intro

to explain what they should tap on and what they can expect to hear.


Add flashcards to soundboard 

Enhance language apps and diagrams with text bubbles – pair audio with visual for enriched learning.


Jump to a specific page

This feature adds a layer of personalization that allows you to give

each and every player a game flow and experience tailored to their specific interests.


 Record answer and mistake feedback for questions

Give your players the help and encouragement they need and deserve.

If they answered a question correctly, cheer them on.

If they answered a question incorrectly, give them an extra hint. 


Shuffle pages

Create now, arrange later. You can decide to reorganize the flow

of your app at any point during the creation process. 


Finishing Touches:


Name your game

What’s in a name? A lot, it turns out! “Game 326” won’t entice

players the same way “Louie’s Language Labyrinth” will … Just sayin’ …


Change the cover color

Let’s be honest, people judge books by their covers all the time.

Be sure to pick a color that goes well with the design of your cover page.


Select or delete background music

Choose the music that best suits your app … or choose no music

at all if you prefer to focus on your audio segments.


TinyTap Market & Beyond:


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