TinyTap announces a redesign to help older learners create their own educational apps

TinyTap is growing up! The popular game creation app is “graduating preschool” and re-launching as a powerful, fast educational platform suitable for all ages. Now anyone can create and learn with TinyTap’s interactive lessons – all with their own photos, videos and voice.


The Big TinyTap Redesign introduction from Tiny Tap on Vimeo.


The mobile app – which originally boasted a childish interface and appealed to a young audience – is coming of age and realizing its potential as an advanced e-teaching tool for all ages. Mature design, advanced creation features, and optimized marketplace: the re-branded app now targets elementary school students and beyond.


With TinyTap 2.0, teachers can make educational apps for older students, plus gain more traction in the international TinyTap community with a newly optimized marketplace. More navigable and user-friendly, the market offers thousands of games created daily by superstar educators, experts, and publishers worldwide.


“We gave TinyTap a facelift: our successful game creation platform now appeals to a wider audience. And our marketplace is essentially an all-you-can-eat buffet of interactive, educational activities, organized by topic, age, and language. The new redesign will allow us to promote quality content and help makers generate revenue every time someone plays their tiny app,” says Yogev Shelly, TinyTap CEO.


New Features

To compliment our new look, we’ve added a few new creation tools that will help give your apps that professional finish – check them out:


Shape Sense: Perfect your shapes with the new auto-correct tracing. Clean lines for rectangles and circles, this feature will give your apps a professional design.


Context Flashcards: Add text bubbles on your soundboard pages. Ideal for language apps and diagrams, this feature allows you to pair audio with visual.


Edit existing pages: Draw and add text to existing pages. This feature lets your app creation process evolve organically.



Hungry for more creation tips? Be sure to check out our mini-video tutorials!


TinyTap International Market

Discover and be discovered on TinyTap’s market of games from around the globe. New sections make it extra easy for users to connect with their desired content. Personalize the playing experience and edit others’ creations by narrating in your own language or changing the layout.Edit Existing Apps

Have you already created TinyTap apps that are darn-near-perfect? Go ahead, take 2 minutes to edit the creations you’re most proud of so that they look better and play smarter. Use the new “Shape Sense” feature to re-trace puzzle piece, soundboard hotspots, and answers to your questions.






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