Shared iPad Now Available for TinyTap

Sync lessons between multiple devices for easier sharing of lessons, resources, and group work


Introducing shared iPad on TinyTap, a new feature allowing teachers and parents to share lessons and devices, collaborate on projects, and sync activities.


Here’s how Shared iPad makes it easier than ever to take advantage of TinyTap’s features:



Create activities on multiple devices: Lessons you are working on will be saved to all devices connected to your Apple ID, allowing you to easily switch devices. This feature means you don’t have to worry about accessing activities if students return to class and grab different devices. Teachers are able to sign them into the correct accounts remotely.


TinyTap now supports Apple Classroom, making it easier for teachers to manage students’ iPads. Now teachers can easily switch between student accounts on multiple devices.


Collaborate on group projects: Changes to projects are saved in real-time, allowing multiple creators to work on the same activity simultaneously on separate devices.


Teachers can also create templates for activities and monitor student progress in real-time as students create and interact with lessons.


Sync activities for classes and groups: Share activities for all your students on one account, allowing a fast and easy way for your entire class to access lessons. Simply make sure all devices are connected to the same Apple ID and the activities will be synced across all devices.


Start syncing now: Simply select TinyTap in the settings on your iPad and make sure the Save to iCloud feature is switched on. This allows you to decide when you would like to enable Shared iPad, so you can manage your iCloud quota and classroom WiFi as you see fit.





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