4 Reasons Why TinyTap’s New Jump Feature is So Awesome!

There is something that never ceases to surprise us here at TinyTap – people’s endless imagination.


Everyday we have the pleasure of seeing how creative one person can be when given a few simple tools – we find the pink tiara in a game created by a 3 year old girl, learn sign language thanks to a teacher that created a game for her students, we meet family members of people around the world and their favorite hobbies.


And this is why we can’t wait to see what people will create with TinyTap’s new Jump feature! TinyTap’s Jump feature allows users to jump between the pages of a game in any order they want – just imagine the possibilities.


Here’s 4 reasons why TinyTap’s new Jump feature is so awesome!


Adventure Games


Can you remember when you used to play with the same toy for hours when you were a kid? Now, as an adult, think about what made you so fixated in the first place.


I’ll tell you what…the story.


That toy wasn’t just a toy, it was a special car that traveled in time, a doll that was a princess trapped in a castle, a teddy bear that came from another planet to save us all!


The best toy a kid can have is imagination, and with the link feature, the sky’s the limit! 


Kids can create fun adventure games with more than one ending, intertwine story plots, and learn richer storytelling!




Instead of having long lists or an insane amount of pages for your game, you can now create menus!


This is a great way to explain topics more in detail in a quick and easy way by adding a new dimension to each element on the menu (e.g. when tapping on a specific object on a page, it can lead to a different page explaining more about it) 


 Family Tree



Teach your little ones about members of the family in a fun, engaging way! 


Make it so that when they tap on Aunt Helen’s pic, they are taken to another page with funny photos of when Auntie used to play with dolls when she was a kid!


Or create an exciting page with awesome pics showing England in the 1940s that appears when they tap on grandpa!


Learning about family has never been so fun!


Interactive Trivia


Remember those cool ‘Did You Know?’ cards and Trivial Pursuit board games?! Now imagine them as interactive, voice activated, insanely fun games that could be played in a tap! 


This is another very cool activity that you can do with the Jump feature – create interactive trivia games! 


When you tap on the wrong answer to a question or lack knowledge of a quirky fact, you can be taken to a funny mistake page, or an info page with even more interesting facts related to what you tapped on. It’s a never-ending fountain of knowledge…with fun tapping activities games!



We’re sure you can come up with thousands of creative ways to use this cool feature…and we can’t wait to see them! Go Create!







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