Lights, Camera, ACTION! Add video to your TinyTap learning app!

A learning app is only as valuable as it’s ability to engage students. So we are proud to announce that TinyTap’s newest version allows authors to reel players in with a feature more dynamic than ever: video. Now app creators can use content from YouTube to teach their lesson and then reinforce the material with intermittent activities, like questions and puzzles. Easier for educators, more stimulating for students … What are you waiting for? Create a learning app with video today!


5 simple steps to add video to your TinyTap app:


1. Design: arrange your page

Video - design page

2. Add Activity: select “Play a video” from the pop-up menu

Video - add activity

3. Search: enter keywords to search for a video with certain content or a YouTube link of the specific video you wish to play

Video - search

4. Edit: set the exact run-time of the video by pressing on the start and end time and scrolling through the minutes and seconds tickers



5. Create new page: if you want to pause the video to prompt another activity (like a question, puzzle, or soundboard), you can pick up exactly where you left off by tapping “Split a new page from.” This will automatically create a duplicate page, starting at the minute and second where your first video ended. Your new page will show up as the very last page in your album; give a long tap to move it around and rearrange the order.




5 things you can do with video in your TinyTap app:


1. Interactive lesson: Turn any YouTube video into an interactive lesson by pausing at any point to add TinyTap activities.

2. Teach & Test: Demonstrate a concept with video and test your audience’s understanding with follow-up questions.

3. Viral trends: Engage your audience by basing lessons on popular YouTube videos.

4. Presentations: Enhance your video presentation by overlaying TinyTap’s creative images, like stickers, backgrounds, and text.

5. Family fun: Relive classic moments by creating a game with your own home videos.



Pro tips for adding video to your next TinyTap app:


1. Seamless transitions: Keep in mind that when your game loads a video page, the background screen will load a split second before your video does. For clean look and seamless transition, give your video pages a black background.

Video - background

2. High definition: For the highest quality videos, tack “HD” onto the end of your YouTube search. This will help return high definition videos that will give your game the sharpest resolution and best user experience.

Video - HD