Weekly Creation Theme: April Showers

April Showers

“April showers bring May flowers”


This week, create a TinyTap game inspired by the theme “April Showers.” Your game can be about anything: a lesson on precipitation; a children’s story about rainy day adventures; a math game using rain drops as units to add or subtract; a soundboard with the images and names of Spring blossoms; a jigsaw puzzle with pieces in the shapes of umbrellas, clouds, and puddles … take the theme in whatever direction suits you!


Pro tip: get extra creative and use a separate device (like your phone) to play rain sound effects as background audio in your recordings!


Be sure to save your game publicly and write the theme #AprilShowers in the game description or title so that the rest of the TinyTap community can play and get inspired by your creation!


The theme “April Showers” is part of TinyTap’s weekly series featuring designated topics.