Weekly Creation Theme: Outer Space

Outer Space


Celebrate International Space Week (October 4-10, 2015) with TinyTap! Creator Ellen Weber is here with some ideas to make your lessons out-of-this-world:

  • Create a shape puzzle of the solar system and have your students slide the planets into the correct order.
  • Add video of a space mission to your TinyTap lesson to bring your students on a journey beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Of course, there are also lots of “Space” activities already available in the TinyTap Marketplace – check them out!

Alternatively, you can use TinyTap to flip your classroom:

  • Let your students design their own space craft or planetary rovers on TinyTap, and then use the Soundboard to explain each piece. TinyTap is a great “vehicle” for both bringing your imagination to life and documenting the creation process.
  • Combine literature and space by reading a classic SciFi novel and then having students report on the evolution from science fiction to science fact.
  • Need a social studies lesson for habitats? Ask students to apply their knowledge of environmental requirements when they predict what aliens would look like.


No matter what you or your students create, be sure to save your games publicly and write the theme #space in the game description or title so that the rest of the TinyTap community can play and get inspired by your creations!


The theme “Space” is part of TinyTap’s series of creation topics.