6 Ways to Brighten Your Holidays with TinyTap

By Ellen Weber


Whether you are looking for a different kind of gift, a way to express your own passions, a new interactive lesson for your class, or a unique way to impress someone, TinyTap can fit the bill! Here are six ways TinyTap can fulfill some of your holiday needs.


1. Collect favorite holiday recipes from friends, family, or co-workers, and create a holiday cookbook to share with everyone on your gift list.


2. Gather old family photos to create a digital photo album of vacations, weddings, or home improvement projects.


3. Use the new Tap n’ Type feature to create a fun holiday trivia game or crossword puzzle as an inexpensive gift for your students, or the kids on your gift list.  


4. Dust off your persuasive writing skills, and create a unique gift “wish list”, explaining what you want and why you should get it. (Great writing project for an ELA class).


5. As you cook your favorite holiday dishes or make decorations with your kids at home, snap a few photos to create a set of visual directions for projects your students can do in class.


6. Share your passions! Those hundreds of photos you have of birds, flowers, cars, architecture, paintings … turn them into lessons for teachers to use in their science, social studies, art class. Or turn on the Challenge Mode and make them a fun trivia game to play with the family. In fact, this might be the start of a brand new type of family game night!


What better gift can you think of that is free, no shipping charge, no tax, completely customizable, and guaranteed to fit? Just a few tiny taps, and email the link. Done. Until next year.


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Ellen Weber is a veteran TinyTap creator and pediatric SLP. Check out her TInyTap collection.