4 Award-Winning Authors Your Kids Will Love

Children’s books have an unparalleled ability to engage and enlighten their readers with interesting plots, important lessons, and imaginative imagery. Whether one wants to be transported back in time to an Inca civilization or follow a friendly family of dolphins living in the Pacific, children’s books can transport a reader’s imagination anywhere.

TinyTap Authors

TinyTap collaborates with exceptional authors from all over the world and helps digitize their classic stories  and bring them to life through interactive games and activities.

Meet some amazing award-winning authors we’ve had the pleasure to work with.


Jeff Dinardo

Jeff is a quirky, brilliant children’s author and designer from the Red Chair Press family. His beautiful Space Cat story, an absorbing book about a cat’s dream to blast off into space, is a beloved classic worldwide. Despite dog’s doubts, Cat shows us that with perseverance and hard work one can shoot for the moon!



Barbara Bakowski

If you love puppies of all shapes and sizes Barbara Bakowski’s Best in Show is just the book for you! Through charming rhymes and fun sound effects and illustrations, it teaches kids that even though people are different from one another, they each have a unique characteristic that is truly priceless. You can find this delightful “tail” in the TinyTap Market under our featured section.



Jannifer Powelson

Powelson’s series of eco-conscious books, with a friendly skunk named Sammy and a lovable raccoon named Rachel, help children learn how to preserve and respect the environment in a fun, engaging way! In addition to valuable educational lessons, Jannifer’s series is filled with beautiful illustrations and vivid original photographs.It’s never too early to make a difference in the world – don’t wait, see how YOU can help the planet today!




Hazel Edwards

Finally, we have Hazel Edwards, a whimsical Australian author and National Reading Ambassador best known for her worldwide classic, ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake’. In collaboration with TinyTap, Hazel has released three amazing kids’ apps based on some of her most popular books – Fish & Chips & Jaws, The Hundreds and Thousands Kid, and one of our personal favorites, Not Lost, Just Somewhere Else.



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