Kids Get Brand New Toys from TinyTap!

Meet Dynamic Therapy Associates, a group of amazing people that help kids and their families deal with speech disorders, cognitive challenges and physical disabilities everyday…And the winners of TinyTap’s Holiday Contest for $200 worth of brand new toys! Check out their winning game – ‘Merry Christmas, Look What I See!’


Ashley having a blast with a TinyTap game about pop stars!


Little George playing ‘Where’s My Baby?’ on TinyTap


Tyler playing a game to learn new verbs and working on using his communication device to describe the actions!



“We bought a pile of new games and activities for our kids to play in therapy! So much fun! Thanks Tiny Tap!”



  photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

photo 5   


So keep creating and stay tuned for more exciting contests and prizes to come!





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