6 Creative Ways to Use TinyTap

Whether you’re a kid, parent, illustrator, or even just a passionate world traveler wanting to share your personal stories, the creative possibilities are endless on TinyTap.

Here are just a few of the many amazing things you can do with TinyTap!


Become a Math Pro

 Learn Math

I don’t know about you, but Math class is one of our most dreaded memories from childhood. TinyTap can help turn tedious math lessons into fun games! Hundreds of kids are already using TinyTap to create kid-friendly math games and share them with our community. Need some ideas? Use the new shape puzzle feature to design a unique geometry based game or the “Deep Sea Math Creation Pack” to dive into addition and subtraction!


 Take A Cooking Class


While cooking is an activity that usually needs adult supervision, kids can take the center stage on TinyTap! If you’re bored of the typical long list of steps then open up your TinyTap app and use it to create a fun recipe game with sound effects, personal photos, and even question and answers! You can even include personalized, age-relevant elements on food and kitchen safety. We love to see what our community has cooking!


 Help Someone With Special Needs

 special needs

No two persons with special needs are exactly alike and that is why we see the personalization facet of our app essential for educators and parents in designing their individual lessons for their pupils with special needs. One can simplify an original lesson like Liz Castagnera’s “Industrial Nation” activity or design a whole new tutorial tailored to meet individual challenges such as Ellen Weber’s “Understanding Gestures.” Whether it is used in an OT session or in an inclusion-based classroom, TinyTap is an ideal tool for those looking to target nuanced characteristics and learning styles of a specific child.


 Learn a New Language


Want to learn numbers in Japanese, basic greetings in Arabic, or how to describe family members in Spanish? Explore TinyTap and you can find a myriad of user-generated language based creations in our market. Although these lessons won’t make you fluent, they are a wonderful way to enhance your basic language comprehension. Or use TinyTap to design and share your own language-based games!


 Storytelling Time!

 Story Time!

Got a great story to tell? Make it come alive with TinyTap’s beautiful design tools. Maybe you have a fantastic penguin romance story or your own prequel to Harry Potter, so let TinyTap inspire you to put your ideas onto “paper.” Tell us about your favorite fairytales or personal experiences, family traditions in Japan, what it’s like to be a big sister, your trip to South America, or even the challenges of having a puppy!


 Make History Come Alive



Create comprehensive and fun lessons from scratch or simplify a series for a certain learning level. Teachers can design homework activities to test their students’ understanding of a particular topic or get them ready for a pop quiz! Encourage your students to create a history game and share them to inspire and educate others!


What other things are YOU doing with TinyTap? Share them with us at [email protected] so we can add them to the list! 



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