Weekly Creation Theme: Halloween


Few holidays are as exciting for kids as Halloween! The costumes, decorations – and the sugar – give them such a rush! Use this time of year to your advantage and engage your students by creating TinyTap games about Halloween. Here are a few ideas:


  • Take your players through a haunted house, where each tap on the soundboard will lead them into a different spooky room, dark hallway, or creaky staircase
  • Review safety tips for trick-or-treating
  • Make a math game to prepare your students to tally up their trick-or-treating loot
  • Use video tutorials from YouTube and give a lesson on how to carve a pumpkin
  • Create a spelling game about words with double letters (haLLowEEn, bOO, crEEpy, spOOky)


Pro tip: Add creepy sound effects to your game! Play The Haunted Soundbook from a second device (your phone or computer) and record it onto your iPad or tablet while doing the narration for your Halloween game!


Be sure to save your game publicly and write the theme #Halloween in the game description or title so that the rest of the TinyTap community can see and get inspired by your creation!


The theme “Halloween” is part of TinyTap’s weekly series featuring designated topics.